About Packola

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Everyday at Packola, we get inspired by looking at the orders placed by entrepreneurs from all over the country. The range is wide: from a boutique bakery in New York City that offers artisan cupcakes, to a foundry in Missouri that is revolutionizing cast iron cookware; or from a winery in Napa Valley that ships wine to their club members, to a subscription startup that ships athletic gears to soccer enthusiasts. We know the spirit of entrepreneurship first hand, and that’s what sets us apart from the giant box companies which have been in business since the 1800’s. Our solution is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, and we think that’s a big deal!

Powered by customers

At Packola, we sincerely believe that our success is tied to our customers’ success. Rather than focusing on short-term transactions, we try to understand our customers’ businesses and use our expertise to help them order the packaging that would work best towards their business goals. From the day they order a mockup for testing their concept, to the day they order thousands of boxes, we stand next to them and try to make packaging a non-issue for them.

We heart the planet

We produce our boxes using papers that are sustainably sourced and inks that are environment-friendly; everything we offer is recyclable. We produce all our packages in the US, which means shorter transportation and smaller carbon footprint. We have recently started a pilot program in which we sponsor planting one tree for every $100 of sales. That translates to tens of thousands of trees per year. Quite a forest!

Our Mission

We have a simple mission at Packola: Enabling entrepreneurs to access affordable and quality packaging that helps their businesses thrive in a sustainable way.